Erin Williams Consulting can help you create the Marketing Funnel of your dreams

Running your business online rocks, RIGHT?

Sure, until you can't keep track of which clients signed up for your free PDF guide, which clients want a strategy call, and which clients owe you money.

YIKES! It makes your head spin just thinking about it.
The Automic Funnel is a systematic approach to getting your marketing funnel planned and implemented
...before the next Game of Thrones season ;)
Why do you want an Automic Funnel?
Because have you ever hated a beautifully orchestrated firework show?
I think not.

The Automic Funnel has that external combustion factor but that internal harmony.  
Step out of Tech Stress and into Automation Ecstasy
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Put Your Marketing on Autopilot - Without Writing a Speck of Code
Are you feeling completely overwhelmed by setting up automation in your business?
Do you have a vision for your funnel but have no idea where to begin?
When you hear the words "autoresponder" and "automation" do you want to run and hide under a warm cozy blanket?
Do you find yourself wondering if you will ever have time to systemize your business?
Are you missing out on quality time with loved ones because you are constantly attached to your online business?
Now Imagine a Life Where...
Client follow up is happening at every stage of your marketing funnel
Subscribers are nurtured with unique and engaging content
Current clients are supported with resources and must have tool kits without lifting a finger
Collecting money and testimonials from your clients is effortless and consistent

We will bond your Client Nurture to your Customer Retention

Cn + Cr = The Atomic Funnel

You are missing out on more clients, more money and more impact if your funnel isn’t automated.
Hi I'm Erin Williams
And beautifully crafted Marketing Funnels get me jazzed up
So, you're running your online business.

You get to work from anywhere, stay in sweatpants 95% of the day and impact the world on a larger scale than you ever imagined.

Pretty cool, right?

But you're also staying up at night worrying about your to do list. And the constant busy work is making you wonder why you quit your job in the first place.

Believe me, I get it! So are you ready to ditch the drama and find automation ecstasy? 

I have been fully immersed in the Internet Marketing world for over 5 years. I have helped dozens of clients take their funnels from DRAB to FAB and I would be honored to help you do the same.
Ignite Your Marketing with The Atomic Funnel
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Do You Want To:
• Learn how to develop an explosively effective funnel
• Understand how to manipulate the different elements of your funnel in order to produce the highest voltage
• Learn how to integrate your current content into the funnel formula
• Learn what the customer life cycle is and why it's crucial for a lucrative business
• Have someone take care of these details while you gain the knowledge
Have a flow-chart of your entire business funnel
What You'll Get:
You will get the following pieces completed inside of your marketing funnel

Lead Magnet Sequence
Opt-in form
• Thank you form

• Opt-in page (to promote separately as Facebook Ad)
• Thank you page
• Integrate form onto your WordPress website

• Welcome Email
• Nurture Email #1
• Nurture Email #2
• Nurture Email #3
• Sequence
• Tags
• Notification upon opt-in
Free Content Sequence
Opt-In Page
• Thank you page

• Welcome Email
• Nurture Email #1

• Nurture Email #2
• Nurture Email #3
• Sequence
• Tags
• Notification upon opt-in
Purchase & Post Purchase Sequence
Sales Page
• Product creation inside of ONTRAPORT
• Thank you page
• Welcome Email
• Promotional Email #1
• Promotional Email #2
• Promotional Email #3
• Contact list of everyone who purchased
• Promotional Sequence

• Post - Purchase Sequence
• Tag
• Notification upon purchase

• Feedback Form (clients to give testimonials)
• Thank You page
• Email #1 asking clients to fill out form
• Email #2 asking clients to fill out form (who didn't on first attempt)
• Thank You Email for filling out form
• Notification upon form fill out
• Sequence
• Tags
Membership Site
• 4 Module program with 4 sub-lessons
• Automation inside of ONTRAPORT
• Email call reminders to clients
• Integration of AccessAlly, ProgressAlly and ONTRAPORT
• Setting up AccessAlly on your WordPress
• Program welcome sequence
• Date sequence with call reminders

• Date sequence with dripped content access for clients

Affiliate Program
• ONTRAPORT affiliate program setup
• Signup form to become an affiliate
• Affiliate sequence
• Welcome email with affiliate link
• Page with affiliate copy
Integration of Third Party Softwares
• ONTRAPORT integration with Zapier
• Zapier integration with Acuity
• Acuity Calendar setup
• ONTRApages Plugin onto your WordPress site
• Payment Processor Integration with ONTRAPORT
You'll Also Get:
In addition to the funnel implementation you will also get the following items

Funnel Evaluation & Diagnosis
• EWC will dive into your ONTRAPORT account and do a full analysis of what is currently happening.
EWC Activation Lab
We will create the vision of your dream funnel in this one-on-one call. You will map out in detail exactly what you want your client to experience when they join your marketing funnel. EWC will collect the information needed to make your dream a reality.
Your Marketing Funnel Map
This is a complete outline of your marketing funnel in a flow-chart form. It is a visual representation of everything EWC implements inside of ONTRAPORT.
EWC Funnel Review Lab
We will walk through the first draft of your Funnel Map. I will explain everything and make any needed edits.
Project Management
• We will handle the proect management of the entire process. You will get weekly fun-forms that outline exactly what tasks you are responsible for that week.
Weekly 30-Minute EWC Labs
• This will allow us to have a weekly touch point so that we can stay on the same page. It also allows us to form a really strong bond and trust. This is a great place to work through stucks and ask questions!
EWC Precision Lab
When the funnel is complete, EWC will walk you through the entire Funnel Map as well as the back-end of ONTRAPORT. This lab will be recorded for you to keep.
Unlimited Email Support
• Erin Williams Consulting will be the best lab partner you've ever had. We are here for you every step of the way.
TOTAL VALUE = $10,000
Are potential clients slipping through the cracks?

Do you wish you could get out of the admin stuff and into the visionary work?

Do you feel like you have an impossible chem problem to solve when it comes to streamlining?

Get The Atomic Funnel Now. Put The Chaos To Rest.
I Want In!
Erin Williams Consulting Rocks!
I have been mapping out how to sell an online course for over a year and the more that I learned, the more overwhelmed I felt.

EWC has helped me connect the many pieces that go into launching and selling an online program.

If I didn't hire EWC it would have taken me 6-12 months longer to launch my program. I’m 100% confident that in hiring EWC, I will be launching my program a lot quicker than I would be able to on my own, leading to greater revenues in a shorter amount of time. EWC's guidance has eased my stress and has empowered me.

I feel confident that I’m approaching my online course launch in the right way because of EWC; this peace of mind is invaluable.

-Amber Swenor
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Let the  ONTRA-chemist find the perfect compound for your funnel!

This funnel is sure to create the client reaction you desire while bringing you automation ecstasy.

The Automic Funnel is the no-stress solution to getting the funnel of your dreams!

Let an expert, with years of experience, spear head your funnel so that everything gets setup correctly, the first time.
Investment Options
Full Investment
Payment Plan
5 x $1,450