3 Sales and Marketing Old Wives Tales for the New Year

There are a lot of old wives’ tales surrounding the new year. In Spain you might eat 12 grapes, for example, to ensure good luck throughout the coming year. If you’re in Poland you might want to write a note to yourself to touch the floor with your right foot first on New Year’s Day.  Black-eyed peas, ham hocks and collard greens portent a financial windfall in the Southern United States, if eaten on New Year’s Eve.  So, in the spirit of the season, here are 3 Sales and Marketing Old Wives’ Tales (read strategies) to bring you good luck and good fortune in 2018.


Clean up your list – People around the world sweep out their homes on New Year’s Eve to jettison bad luck. You should sweep your marketing list for hard bounces, duplicate contacts and disinterested subscribers (the ones that never interact with your website, emails or social media). Storing mummified contacts in your database skews data and you are probably paying for the space they are occupying which costs money better spent somewhere else. Kick bad contacts out and prepare for the influx of fresh leads 2018 will bring!


Beef up your List – Wouldn’t it be great to know the social media profiles of your email list? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the email address of that Facebook friend? Wouldn’t you just love to know the email address of the CEO of that hot Start-Up company following you on Twitter? Data is the key to success in sales and marketing funnels and enriched data is like the big pot of “ Good Luck” Lentil soup on the stoves of millions of Italians New Year’s Eve – hearty and enriching. We love the freemium service of Clearbit, who offers a Chrome extension and Zapier integrations with tons of Sales Funnel and CRM products.


Upgrade your services- That landing page is SO 2017! Maybe you need to take a tip from Latin America and get something NEW in the New Year to improve your luck, and conversion rates! Have a larger sales team – add a CRM. Using email automation but some targeted landing pages would really help you sell more  – get a landing page builder. Need to upgrade the whole kit and caboodle – we recommend Ontraport for a comprehensive solution. Don’t get so comfortable with your status quo that you don’t look for easier, better, and sometimes less expensive solutions to your sales and marketing needs.

However you are ushering in the New Year – a kiss at midnight, a champagne toast, or a Netflix binge –  we hope our 3 Sales and Marketing Old Wives Tales for the New Year bring lots of luck and prosperity to your business. Sales and marketing success relies heavily on data science, testing and retesting but, as we all know, a little extra good luck never hurts.  Happy New Year!