Letting Go

My word for 2016 is freedom. It took me some time to arrive on this and in the beginning stages of committing to my word, the phrase “letting go” came up a lot. However, to me, “letting go” has a negative connotation around it because when I think of “letting go” I think of releasing lousy feelings or emotions. And when I think of freedom, I feel powerful and expansive. So, I picked freedom over letting go as my word for 2016.

The struggle of deciding between these two words got me thinking about the meaning behind them.

  • Is letting go an antonym to freedom or a synonym to freedom? Do we have to let go in order to experience freedom? Or do we have to experience freedom in order to let go? And what are the best things to let go of?

Thus far in 2016, I have had to do a lot of letting go in all areas of my life.

When we hold onto experiences, conversations or relationships that have adverse feelings associated with them we take up room in our body and mind. I think of the room taken up by these feelings as dense and dark.

As the new year rang in and everyone made their New Year’s resolutions, I had an “aha” moment (if you will). I realized that for the past 9 years I have allowed a dark, dense mass of resentment to harbor a lot of space in my body.

I could get intense here and pour my heart out about what particular experience caused this harboring of resentment …. but ‘aint nobody got time for that. Instead, I will fast forward to the lesson and save the drama for another day. 😉

The bottom line is… crummy things happen in life and we can’t control anyone else’s actions. The only thing we have control over as human beings is our own actions and emotions. I decided I was done feeling angry and resentful. Those feelings weren’t serving me anymore and were sucking valuable energy and time out of me.

So what allowed me to let go of the anger? Forgiveness.

You know I love me a good flow chart so… perhaps the flow chart looks something like this then…

  • Forgiveness → Letting go → Freedom

Nine years is a long time to carry animosity around. Carrying it around wasn’t changing the situation and it wasn’t affecting the person I felt the animosity towards. It was really only hurting me.

Is there someone you are holding resentment towards? What if you let it go? What would you gain from letting go of the resentment?

Letting go is a process. I know I have a way to go but I am already reaping the benefits of letting go. I feel as if a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that I can breath deeper. I feel more zen (and if you know me personally, you understand what a big deal this is).

You might be asking yourself right now, “how in the world does this qualify as blog post about the life of an entrepreneur?”….

Well, it doesn’t….

No, just kidding.

Experiencing more freedom has been monumental for the success of my business. I find it fascinating how resentment in your personal life can hold you back in your professional life.

Since this shift happened on New Years, I have had the two most successful months in my business thus far. You can call it a coincidence if you want, but I am certainly not!

Freedom is space, opportunity and movement which everyone needs in order to grow and expand personally and professionally.

It starts with the decision to forgive. It is your choice.

Another fun coincidence (or Divine happening as I like to call it) … my favorite song for the past 3 months has been “Let It Go” by James Bay (like so obsessed, I choreographed a lyrical dance to it and I don’t have any real lyrical dance background).

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