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I survived my first two months being a full time entrepreneur. This is my first blog on my brand spankin’ new website and I am pumped up! Here is a little insight into my experience thus far…

The biggest lesson I’ve learned this far is to trust.

Trust in yourself, in the journey, in the universe, in the higher power and in your loved ones.

I quickly learned that I am not having the same experience as any other entrepreneur on this planet. Of course I am going through the same situation as thousands of other people but we are not having the same experience. Each of us is uniquely wired and has different triggers, beliefs, struggles and emotions. For this reason, it is key to master trust on this crazy ride.

You don’t realize how many insecurities you have about yourself until you are 100% responsible for creating your own income with your own ideas and hustle. I learned that all of my insecurities are just stories I am telling myself. They are in my mind but I am not my mind. I am a separate entity. Once I grasped that concept, believed it and started kicking up the daily guided meditations I was finally able to normalize my heart rate ;).

Our society is so ingrained with plans, agendas, knowing and time. We are in constant comparison to our neighbors, family members, celebrities and random people on Instagram. What is the end goal of all this planning and comparison.. to obtain true happiness, right? But happiness is not at the end of the journey happiness is the journey.

The brain is wired to keep us safe and anything unknown freaks our brain out immensely. So to my brain, was quitting my full time job with a consistent paycheck a “safe” idea? Hell no. To my brain, was embarking into the mysterious entrepreneurial world where nothing is “certain” a “safe” idea? Definitely not. So my brain does everything it can to pull me away from the great and scary unknown… by creating anxiety, self doubt, negative thoughts, etc.

As mentioned before though, we are not our minds or our brains, we are a separate entity. Separating my thoughts from my being has allowed me to enjoy the journey and trust it. I mean do I really believe I’m going to end up poor and on the street… No so why am I wasting all of this energy worrying about it?

This big ole universe is one crazy place, let me tell ya. How does one small little person “trust” in the enormous universe that is filled with so much mystery? You surrender. This immense universe is obviously way more powerful than any single human being. I mean the universe would completely pulverize any human in a bar fight or boxing match. I’m talking instant game over. So why try to fight what is already in motion? By trying to control the universe and what it provides for you, you are essentially asking to get your ass kicked every day. Let it go. Don’t be that guy who can’t back down even though he has two black eyes and blood all over his shirt.

Disclaimer: that doesn’t mean I have it together all the time by any means. Ask any one of my family members, friends or boyfriend who gets frantic texts and calls from me at all hours of the day and night. I mean, hell, I am writing this blog at 2:30am in the morning because I couldn’t sleep because my heart was palpating out of control.

It is about trusting in those low moments, in those high moments and all the moments in between. If you aren’t trying to see the lesson and beauty in all moments then you are denying yourself opportunities to grow and you are missing out on some pretty powerful stuff.

I definitely don’t have it all figured out 3 months in but I am TRUSTING that it is a good thing.


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