Exciting Changes to Erin Williams Consulting


Things have a way of changing, like the seasons. Here at Erin Williams Consulting, it’s no different. If you have been a client, follower or just lurking in the shadows – you’ll start to notice that changes to the type and amount of posts I share on social media are taking a more focused turn. For the rest of this year and into 2018 I am doing something new. I have taken on a new client, myself. 

I have always had plans for expanding Erin Williams Consulting but sometimes a little push is needed to set off in a new direction. So, I got the cosmic push, and I am off! I really hope you’ll come along for the ride because it will be a great one!  A few weeks ago I published my very first article to LinkedIn called Sales Funnels – Put the Cart before the Horse. In this article, I explained why it’s better for conversions to put a calendar after the checkout process. If you are using funnels and having a hard time increasing conversions this is an easy and actionable tip you can use in your own CRM. And this article is in the vein of what you’ll be seeing from me in the future.

So, I hope you’ll head over to LinkedIn and check out my article. Follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and join me on my new Twitter account. I promise, if you use sales funnels, want to use sales funnels or just want some actionable tips for your online business


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