Exciting Changes to Erin Williams Consulting


Things have a way of changing, like the seasons. Here at Erin Williams Consulting, it’s no different. If you have been a client, follower or just lurking in the shadows – you’ll start to notice that changes to the type and amount of posts I share on social media are taking a more focused turn. For the rest of this year and into 2018 I am doing something new. I have taken on a new client, myself. 

I have always had plans for expanding Erin Williams Consulting but sometimes a little push is needed to set off in a new direction. So, I got the cosmic push, and I am off! I really hope you’ll come along for the ride because it will be a great one!  A few weeks ago I published my very first article to LinkedIn called Sales Funnels – Put the Cart before the Horse. In this article, I explained why it’s better for conversions to put a calendar after the checkout process. If you are using funnels and having a hard time increasing conversions this is an easy and actionable tip you can use in your own CRM. And this article is in the vein of what you’ll be seeing from me in the future.

So, I hope you’ll head over to LinkedIn and check out my article. Follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and join me on my new Twitter account. I promise, if you use sales funnels, want to use sales funnels or just want some actionable tips for your online business

Peace Out

March 2017 has arguably been the most emotional month of my entire life. It started off with a real bang – getting engaged to the love of my life. It ended with a real twist – getting some clarification as to why my dad has been absent from my life for the past 10 years (will post more about that later).

So I have decided to “take a break” for the month of April. I will be fully detoxing from Social Media, personally and professionally. I will be keeping my social schedule pretty clear so I can focus on myself, my business and spending time with my fiance. And I will be choosing journaling, meditation and working-out over drinking (for the most part). It is so easy to let our schedules fill up and lose touch of the present moment. I want to take back control of that and my life.

In a world where we are ‘seeing’ people’s lives through filters and highlight reels it is difficult to be vulnerable and stay in touch with what is true. I have been very sad, overwhelmed and angry this month but it has been hard to post about that because people are expecting me to ‘be on cloud nine’ since I just got engaged. Well the truth is, my beautiful engagement has brought up a lot of grief. Yes, grief.

Grief is a word that is misunderstood and I have been dedicated to learning about grief through The Grief Recovery Method. At the Grief Recovery Institute ®, they define grief as “the conflicting feelings that come at the end or change of a familiar pattern of behavior.”

Now, it might seem peculiar that such a joyous event could have conflicting sentiments but if you really think about your own life experiences it isn’t that strange at all. For example, when you go to college you are starting a thrilling new chapter but you are leaving behind your friends and home. This results in you feeling excited yet scared and sad. These conflicting emotions come up during all transitions and getting engaged is a transition.

Naturally, when you get engaged people start asking you about your wedding plans. It is easy to succumb to the pressure of planning the perfect wedding and pleasing everybody. Add that stress to the fact that a wedding and marriage is another example of a transition time… and you have hit the mother-load. A wedding is also a life event where there is a lot of focus on the bride’s father (and family).

Do you see where I am going with this?

Immediately after the engagement I started to picture my wedding and some arduous realizations began to surface…

  • My father won’t be walking me down the aisle or giving me away.
  • I won’t have my first dance with my father.
  • My father isn’t going to help me plan and pay for my wedding.

And then just like that, the flood gates opened and the full-blown ugly cry began. Realizing that the typical reality for most brides won’t be my reality brought on a ton of sorrow. How is that for conflicting feelings?

So why am I sharing all of this? Because there isn’t enough vulnerability in this world. Because not enough people realize that grief pops up in a lot of unexpected places and that is okay. I wanted to share my experience to hopefully shed some light and open up the conversation.

PLUS,  I know my millions of social media followers will be devastated when I don’t post for a month ;).


So stay tuned my friends.

See you May 1st!

Much love & peace out.

5 Lessons I Learned In 2016

At the end of each year, I like to sit down and reflect on the past twelve months. I am so incredibly grateful for the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and the following five lessons it taught me this year.

5. Flawless Doesn’t Happen Overnight

The journey to flawless is the point of entrepreneurship. You can’t wake up and be Beyoncé tomorrow. Yes her life is glamorous now but she worked for that. Enjoy the imperfections and progress along the way.

The journey isn’t just about the $ and becoming famous. It’s also about your WHY. If you’re working toward your passion you will start to FEEL flawless and BELIEVE your flawless. Even when you’re struggling to pay your bills because our WHYs are bigger than us.

We are all a bit naive before making the plunge and thankfully so because you don’t have any idea what it’s really going to be like as an entrepreneur. If we all knew the entire picture many of us might not have made the leap and this world would be missing a lot of important influencers.

4. Talking About Yourself Is A Must

Building the confidence is the first step (referencing #5) because you have to feel proud of yourself and what you do before you will feel comfortable enough to talk about it. Also getting in touch with your WHY will help you gain confidence in what you’re doing.

This was a real challenge for me this year. I had a hard time knowing exactly how to tell people what I do. And a lot has shifted about my services and exactly what I offer over the year.

So this ties back to #5 – it takes time; its a journey. Don’t beat yourself up if you stumble over your words a lot or don’t get the elevator pitch perfect the first dozen times. You need to practice to get comfortable and then preach baby preach. Start telling everyone and anyone what you do :)

Also be ready to ask for help. Reach out to all your connections you’ve ever made… which leads us to #3.

3. All Types Of Creatures Come Out Of The Woodwork

I just put a silly sarcastic spin on this title but in all seriousness this one is a freaking life saver.

People are attracted to people living out their dreams and conquering fears. That is why you need to TALK ABOUT YOURSELF (#4) so that you can gain all the support available. #ThankYouSocialMedia

I’ve had people I haven’t talked to in years come out and give me shout outs, share my stuff and tell their friends about what I’m doing. I’ve had people that maybe I’ve only had one or two meaningful connections with tell me how inspiring I am to them.

Connections are connections and people telling others about what you do is never a bad thing. Get ready to reconnect with old friends colleagues and acquaintances – it’s really humbling and special. And don’t be afraid to take people up on their offers or ask them to help you.

2. #Blessed

Be grateful everyday. This will not be easy because life as a small business owner is not a walk in the park. But remember this – you chose the entrepreneur life. Take responsibility for the decision you made and be happy about it. Don’t lie to yourself or other but be grateful and be positive.

Realizing how many people support you and admire what you are doing really helps you to keep going on hard days. Remember all those who have encouraged you and been there for you (right #3) no matter how big or small.

1. Do Anything And Everything To Make Progress And Stay Sane

It is all about mindset. As an entrepreneur your mindset is apart of your job so make sure you are working just as hard on that as you are on your budget.

We as humans have the ability to talk ourselves into crazy circles and make ourselves feel worthless. When it’s just you, yourself and you in your business with no distractions that loop can become very repetitive.

You must find what keeps you sane and keeps you moving forward. For me it’s getting coached, journaling, meditating, barre3 workouts, working part time at the barre3 studio, having a team, making time for friends and family…

Just keep moving and doing. Life and entrepreneurship isn’t about perfection it’s about progress. If you don’t do anything you’ll never learn. Reframe the idea of failure into feedback. Use the feedback to be better the next time and the next time.

Now, tell me, what did you learn this year?