3 Sales and Marketing Old Wives Tales for the New Year

There are a lot of old wives’ tales surrounding the new year. In Spain you might eat 12 grapes, for example, to ensure good luck throughout the coming year. If you’re in Poland you might want to write a note to yourself to touch the floor with your right foot first on New Year’s Day.  Black-eyed peas, ham hocks and collard greens portent a financial windfall in the Southern United States, if eaten on New Year’s Eve.  So, in the spirit of the season, here are 3 Sales and Marketing Old Wives’ Tales (read strategies) to bring you good luck and good fortune in 2018.


Clean up your list – People around the world sweep out their homes on New Year’s Eve to jettison bad luck. You should sweep your marketing list for hard bounces, duplicate contacts and disinterested subscribers (the ones that never interact with your website, emails or social media). Storing mummified contacts in your database skews data and you are probably paying for the space they are occupying which costs money better spent somewhere else. Kick bad contacts out and prepare for the influx of fresh leads 2018 will bring!


Beef up your List – Wouldn’t it be great to know the social media profiles of your email list? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the email address of that Facebook friend? Wouldn’t you just love to know the email address of the CEO of that hot Start-Up company following you on Twitter? Data is the key to success in sales and marketing funnels and enriched data is like the big pot of “ Good Luck” Lentil soup on the stoves of millions of Italians New Year’s Eve – hearty and enriching. We love the freemium service of Clearbit, who offers a Chrome extension and Zapier integrations with tons of Sales Funnel and CRM products.


Upgrade your services- That landing page is SO 2017! Maybe you need to take a tip from Latin America and get something NEW in the New Year to improve your luck, and conversion rates! Have a larger sales team – add a CRM. Using email automation but some targeted landing pages would really help you sell more  – get a landing page builder. Need to upgrade the whole kit and caboodle – we recommend Ontraport for a comprehensive solution. Don’t get so comfortable with your status quo that you don’t look for easier, better, and sometimes less expensive solutions to your sales and marketing needs.

However you are ushering in the New Year – a kiss at midnight, a champagne toast, or a Netflix binge –  we hope our 3 Sales and Marketing Old Wives Tales for the New Year bring lots of luck and prosperity to your business. Sales and marketing success relies heavily on data science, testing and retesting but, as we all know, a little extra good luck never hurts.  Happy New Year!

Targeting Sales Funnel Traffic

TargetingSalesFunnelTraffic (1)

Last week I posed a question on Instagram and Facebook. I asked, “What do you want to know about Sales and Marketing Funnels?” This question came up because I am working on an e-Course around setting up funnels and I want it to be most valuable to YOU!
The bulk of the feedback I received from my followers was about getting traffic into their sales funnel. Who doesn’t want to drive loads of traffic to their sales funnel?

But getting traffic into a sales funnel doesn’t mean it will convert. You can play the numbers game and jam hundreds of thousands of people through your sales funnel and have a low conversion rate. Getting tons of people into your sales funnel isn’t the end all be all. Firstly, it at all requires time and financial investment. Secondly, you don’t want to allot all those resources and not get a good ROI. So the real question is, “Is your marketing funnel set up properly to convert your traffic?”

Probably not.

Instead of worrying about causing a traffic jam at the top of your funnel, consider weeding the lead garden beforehand by creating custom (read qualified) audiences. Sales is a process. Buying is also a process. The buying process goes a little something like the image below:



Targeting customers in the Red and Green boxes above is expensive. The customers in the Purple box are still flexible in their buying decision and less expensive to target. Somewhere between the Purple and Blue boxes is the “sweet spot”. It’s sweet because these customers are less expensive to target with your ad spend, they are in purchasing mode, but not yet married to the idea of one solution to the need they recognized in the first Red box.

This is where you “strike while the iron is hot” – and at this sweet spot it is scorching hot!

So how do you target these “Sweet Spot” customers?

Social Media

Most of my social followers are on Facebook and Instagram. So I can reach both sets of my followers through Ad Manager on Facebook. When you want to target your customers think about who they are and what they want. Create a customer avatar. This will help weed out those people who most likely won’t be interested in your product and reduce your ad spend on Social Media. Hit all the check marks when creating a social media custom audience. If you have an email list, you can create an audience to advertise to from that, as well, and expand the audience if it is below 1000 using Facebook’s built-in tools.

Search Engine

Search engine marketing can be expensive especially when you are targeting people at the very top of your sales funnel. The good news- you aren’t. By targeting customers and buying keywords that target them further down in the funnel you’ll have less competition, fewer customers in the first stage of the Buyers’ Journey and those already primed to make a purchase.

For example, let’s say you have a weight loss product. By purchasing keywords like “diet products”, “best diets”, “lose weight” you are creating a huge audience of people that want to drop a few pounds. However, let’s say your product is actually a dairy-free, vegan weight loss shake. By targeting “dairy free weight loss products”, “vegan protein shake”, “vegan weight loss shake” etc… you have targeted the right audience for your product and reduced your non-converting customers and increased the probability of conversions. You can even whittle down your keyword further by using the brand name in your ad targeting. Let’s say your product is called “VeggiePro” – you might want to target keywords like “VeggiePro Sale”, “VeggiePro Best Price” or “Buy VeggiePro Online” and get customers who are in the final stages of purchasing.

From either traffic source, you want to make sure they enter the funnel. Offer, in the example of your VeggiePro Shake, a free lead magnet like a recipe book or a weight loss plan using the product. You can also offer discounts when a customer submits their email. By collecting their email and using a CRM, you can now remarket to them, up-sell products etc… as long as they are opted-in to your email marketing list. Be sure to nurture your customers, or potential customers, right from the beginning so that your ad investment pays off in the long term.


Thinking about traffic in a holistic way is the key to more sales and greater ROI. When you start to promote a new product think about where you want your ideal customer 5-6 months from now and work backwards.

For example, you want the dairy-free, vegan, protein shake buyer to purchase an auto-renewing subscription to your dairy-free, vegan products where they pay $47 per month and 3 of your products. When you start to promote the free recipe book, make sure you are building out your funnel with a couple offers throughout their life cycle with the goal of purchasing the membership in 6 months.

Basically, you are working backwards from your end goal in mind when building out your marketing funnel. This is the most effective way to guarantee that your targeted traffic converts continuously over time.

Exciting Changes to Erin Williams Consulting


Things have a way of changing, like the seasons. Here at Erin Williams Consulting, it’s no different. If you have been a client, follower or just lurking in the shadows – you’ll start to notice that changes to the type and amount of posts I share on social media are taking a more focused turn. For the rest of this year and into 2018 I am doing something new. I have taken on a new client, myself. 

I have always had plans for expanding Erin Williams Consulting but sometimes a little push is needed to set off in a new direction. So, I got the cosmic push, and I am off! I really hope you’ll come along for the ride because it will be a great one!  A few weeks ago I published my very first article to LinkedIn called Sales Funnels – Put the Cart before the Horse. In this article, I explained why it’s better for conversions to put a calendar after the checkout process. If you are using funnels and having a hard time increasing conversions this is an easy and actionable tip you can use in your own CRM. And this article is in the vein of what you’ll be seeing from me in the future.

So, I hope you’ll head over to LinkedIn and check out my article. Follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and join me on my new Twitter account. I promise, if you use sales funnels, want to use sales funnels or just want some actionable tips for your online business