Live vs Recorded Version.

I was on my way home from a weekend with some dear ex-work colleagues (Dream Team as we used to go by) who I have stayed in touch with spite quitting the company over a year ago to peruse my own venture.

On the plane ride home I was listening to a live version of a John Mayer song and began to think of how much more I love the live versions of my favorite artist’s songs than the recorded versions.

What is different in the live version?
Authenticity. Humanity. More passion. More vulnerability. More life. More love.

The dear friend’s house who we stayed at over the weekend happens to be a talented musician and singer so she has a record player and a ton of incredible records.

We indulged in powerful music all weekend. Music from all genres. We played live records and we played recorded records. Regardless of the artist, and whether I liked them or not, the live records were always my favorite.

Vulnerability was a common theme of the weekend. This group of spectacular humans happen to be some of the people I can get the most “real” with. Our relationship together started in a work sense but quickly we were growing together, discovering life together and bonding quicker than imaginable.

Over these couple of days, we basked in the simple company of each other, we sang songs we loved, we danced out of pure contentment and we discussed topics that most don’t even talk about with their closest family members.

It is very clear that we have become a family. A family that shares similar values, alike desires and paralleled life experiences.

I began to ponder why this weekend is always so moving to me. It’s our second annual (Ultimate Soirée) get together since I’ve left the company that most of them still work at. Why does this weekend leave me feeling so filled up yet so somber?

It’s because of vulnerability. It’s because of the connection that comes from people letting their fucking guards down. It’s from the bond that strengthens every time we are together due to each of our willingness to open up, challenge ourselves and push the borders of our comfort zones.

There is no topic that is too risqué or any discussion that is off limits. We bare it all – heart and soul.

As I’m growing older I’m realizing these are the people I need in my life. People like this are the ones that fill my soul and inspire me to be my best.

This is also the type of the world I desire to live in. Where neighbors are family. Where distance doesn’t break bonds between loved ones. Where people are more concerned with learning something about the humans around them than people on their cell phone screens.

Luckily, I do have a impeccable group of dear friends (in addition to my soirée squad). And we’ve all found our way into each other’s lives due to similar life experiences and values.

I am challenging myself to go further though. I want to feel more. I want to feel my friends and family’s feelings more. I want to understand the feelings of those around me more, even if I don’t process them at first.

Life is a journey with a ton of different stages and levels. Some are euphoric and some are world shattering. Why do humans feel the need to ‘look’ so strong and deny help and comfort from others?

Feeling and communicating is the only way to bring healing to this world. It’s the only way to bring people together.

So today… I dare you… feel it all… the good and the bad. Then, tell someone about it. See what happens.


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